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Legal Fees

Legal fees are an important issue to understand when dealing with any legal issue. The fee agreement for a particular case will depend on a number of factors including the nature and complexity of the case.


Flat Fee: Fee is set and you will not be billed further for the work performed.
Hourly Fee: You are billed for the actual hours spent working on the case.
Contingent: You yield a portion (percentage) of any award received.

Criminal Cases:
The Rules of Professional Responsibility do not allow for an attorney to undertake criminal representation on a contingent fee basis. Our firm utilizes primarily flat fee agreements for criminal cases. Many misdemeanor cases are handled for a flat fee ranging from $1,500.00 – $3,500.00. DUI and Domestic Violence cases are handled for a flat fee ranging from $3,500.00 – $5,500.00.

Felony cases have a wider range of fees. Please call our firm for a specific price quote. The factors we look at in assessing fees include the nature of the offense, complexity and the penalty the client is facing.

Civil Cases:
Hourly fee agreements are utilized most frequently in our civil cases. The client is expected to deposit funds into a trust account and from there the legal work is performed and billed at the end of the month with the goal of having sufficient funds previously deposited into trust to cover all work done on the client’s behalf. Hourly fee agreements work well because they allow the client to have some control in how much attention their case receives in any given month.

Contingent fee agreements are the most popular fee agreements from the client’s standpoint since the client does not pay for attorney time on a monthly basis, but only pays for costs as they are incurred until the case is settled. Then the attorney is paid with a percentage of any final financial outcome. Contingent fee agreements can vary in percentage but usually range between 30% – 45% of the outcome.

Consultation Fees:
Butler Beschen Law PLLC does not charge a consultation fee for criminal cases.

For employment related cases, due to the volume of calls and limited time during the work week, we charge a consultation fee of $350.00. In such consultations, we do request that you bring any and all documents related to the claim you wish to discuss.

Payment Options:
Butler Beschen Law PLLC accepts all major credit cards, check/money order, cash and wire transfers.




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