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Restore Your Rights

At Butler Beschen Law, we believe strongly in respecting a person’s civil rights, and with the passage of the New Hope Act, it is now easier to vacate your conviction. Moreover, if you have lost your right to own a firearm, you may be eligible to have that right restored. And if you have been placed on a sex offender registry, you may be eligible to have your name removed from that list and have your right to privacy restored.

Obtaining Your Criminal Record:

Often convictions are so old that people have forgotten whether the case resolved with a dismissal, an infraction, or a criminal conviction. If you think it is possible that you have convictions, order a background check. There are tons of data mining companies out there that will sell you reports, but you should order your criminal record from the government. Either the Washington State Patrol, the FBI, or both (depending on your goals).

You can get your Washington State Patrol report on their website and you get to see your criminal history (according to WSP) instantly. The report provides you with your case number(s), what the charge(s) was, the disposition of the case, and the jurisdiction where you received the conviction.

You can get your FBI report for $18.00. The FBI report is used by some potential employers, as well as the Federal Border Patrol Agents in determining whether a Canadian is criminally inadmissible to the United States.

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