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Wage & Hour Claims

Wage & Hour Claims

If you believe you are being cheated out of your hourly wage, whether it be your employer requesting that you stay an extra hour without pay or deducting lunch breaks that you never took, you should consult with an attorney. Failing to pay an employee for the time they worked is illegal and Washington has statutory protections against such conduct.

If you are an hourly worker, you are protected from illegal and unreasonable employer demands that you work overtime or skip breaks.

Unpaid Overtime Pay

Employees are generally entitled to overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of forty per week. Unless an employee is exempt from the Minimum Wage Act or from overtime requirements, he or she must be compensated at an overtime rate of one and a half times the regular rate of pay.

One of the biggest problems we see amongst employers in the State is the misclassification of their employees as managers, in order to get around the minimum wage and overtime laws.

If you believe you are not being paid overtime or wages that you are entitled to, call our office and we will evaluate your case.

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