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Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime can have the potential of severe consequences ranging from prison time to hefty fines. When facing a serious charge such as a violent offense, you need aggressive advocacy from attorneys you can trust to get results. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these types of charges and dedicated to protecting our client’s rights throughout the criminal process.

9A.36.011 Assault in the first degree.
9A.36.021 Assault in the second degree.
9A.36.031 Assault in the third degree.
9A.36.041 Assault in the fourth degree.
9A.36.120 Assault of a child in the first degree.
9A.36.130 Assault of a child in the second degree.
9A.36.140 Assault of a child in the third degree.
9A.36.045 Drive-by shooting.
9A.36.050 Reckless endangerment.
9A.36.060 Promoting a suicide attempt.
9A.36.070 Coercion.
9A.36.078 Malicious harassment — Finding.
9A.36.080 Malicious harassment — Definition and criminal penalty.
9A.36.083 Malicious harassment — Civil action.
9A.36.090 Threats against governor or family.
9A.36.100  Custodial assault.
9A.36.150  Interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.
9A.36.160  Failing to summon assistance.
9A.36.161  Failing to summon assistance — Penalty.

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