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Sex Offenses

The penalties associated with sex offenses in State and Federal court have increased dramatically over the past decade. If you have been accused of production and possession of child pornography, sexual assaults or rapes, prostitution, solicitation or similar offenses—you need an experienced advocate on your side.

Generally this is a new and unfamiliar territory for someone being accused. The police investigate these allegations more frequently. They know what to do and how to do it. It is vital the individual knows their rights and takes advantage of them.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand the severity of a sex crime and the impact it may have on one’s life.

Conviction of a sex crime has the potential result of substantial prison time, lifetime offender registration, public humiliation, professional marginalization, restrictions on locations in which to live, and social ostracism. We treat all of our clients and their cases with respect and professionalism as we know this is a difficult situation.

Butler Beschen Law PLLC has represented numerous clients charged or investigated for sex offenses. We mount a thorough defense by gaining a complete understanding of the client and witnesses involved and retain experienced investigators to locate and interview witnesses and determine the accuser’s motivations.

The sooner you have an advocate on your side, the better your rights will be protected. We have frequently succeeded in resolving these matters discretely before they make it to court.

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial it is to consult with an attorney before doing an interview with law enforcement. To discuss the charges you are facing with an attorney, call us today for a free consultation.

9A.44.010 Definitions.
9A.44.020 Testimony — Evidence — Written   motion — Admissibility.
9A.44.030 Defenses to prosecution under this   chapter.
9A.44.040 Rape in the first degree.
9A.44.045 First degree rape — Penalties.
9A.44.050 Rape in the second degree.
9A.44.060 Rape in the third degree.
9A.44.073 Rape of a child in the first   degree.
9A.44.076 Rape of a child in the second   degree.
9A.44.079 Rape of a child in the third   degree.
9A.44.083 Child molestation in the first   degree.
9A.44.086 Child molestation in the second   degree.
9A.44.089 Child molestation in the third   degree.
9A.44.093 Sexual misconduct with a minor in   the first degree.
9A.44.096 Sexual misconduct with a minor in   the second degree.
9A.44.100 Indecent liberties.
9A.44.105 Sexually violating human remains.
9A.44.115 Voyeurism.
9A.44.120 Admissibility of child’s statement   — Conditions.
9A.44.130 Registration of sex offenders and   kidnapping offenders — Procedures — Definition — Penalties.
9A.44.135 Address verification.
9A.44.140 Registration of sex offenders and   kidnapping offenders — End of duty to register — Expiration of subsection.
9A.44.145 Notification to offenders of   changed requirements.
9A.44.150 Testimony of child by   closed-circuit television.
9A.44.160 Custodial sexual misconduct in the   first degree.
9A.44.170 Custodial sexual misconduct in the   second degree.
9A.44.180 Custodial sexual misconduct —   Defense.
9A.44.190 Criminal trespass against children   — Definitions.
9A.44.193 Criminal trespass against children   — Covered entities.
9A.44.196 Criminal trespass against   children.


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