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Student & Juvenile Offenses

Student Offenses

A criminal charge for a college student could mean a criminal record and cause the loss of a scholarship, suspensions or expulsions from school, damage to future employment options, hinder your ability to rent an apartment and even put you at risk for expulsion.

Whether your arrest started with the Western Washington University campus police or the state patrol, our attorneys would like to help you. We understand how to defend your criminal charges and also look out for your academic interests. We understand that you’re at college to earn a degree and start a career — and we’d like to help you get there by successfully defending your rights.

Our Attorneys enjoy working with students and offer a discount off of attorneys fees to those students currently enrolled in classes.

Juvenile Offenses

When a minor gets into trouble with the law, it affects the whole family. Parents and their child are concerned about what will happen next and how this will affect the future. When a juvenile is charge with a crime, the best thing you can do for them is to get an attorney on board immediately. We work with families to produce the best result for their child, with the minimal impact on their reputation and future.

Juvenile crimes are handled differently than adult crimes, they have a different process and specific procedures. Juveniles retain many of the same rights as adults such as the right to an attorney, the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses, the privilege against self-incrimination, the right to notice of the charges, the prosecution must provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a person can be convicted. The overall aim is the main difference between the juvenile and adult judicial system. The juvenile system aims to rehabilitate and reform the juvenile offender, they wish to keep the child functioning normally in society, compared to punishment being the main objective like it is in the adult system.

Being charged with a crime is an overwhelming situation for anyone, being under the age of 18 can intensify this. We understand choosing an attorney can also add to your stress, please know the attorneys at our office have a plethora of experience with juvenile cases and you/your child will be in good hands. A clean record is important to your child’s future success, please call us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your circumstance further.

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