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Fraud Crimes

Being accused of a criminal fraud can be life changing for the accused and their family. The consequences can range anywhere from restitution (paying the victims for losses) to imprisonment. Fraud crimes can be charged as a criminal or civil offense, both at the state and federal level.

Having an advocate to fight for your best interest is very critical. You need an attorney on your side to take quick action on your behalf. The attorneys here at our office are qualified and very knowledgable when it comes to handling fraud cases. They have an abundant amount of experience dealing with the court, prosecutors and law enforcement in such cases.

9A.60.010 Definitions.
9A.60.020 Forgery.
9A.60.030 Obtaining a signature by deception or duress.
9A.60.040 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
9A.60.045 Criminal impersonation in the second degree.
9A.60.050 False certification.
9A.60.060 Fraudulent creation or revocation of a mental health advance directive.
9A.60.070 False academic credentials — Unlawful issuance or use — Definitions — Penalties.


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