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About Us

Butler Beschen Law PLLC is a leading law firm in Bellingham and surrounding Whatcom County. We provide focused legal services in the areas of criminal defense, employment law and civil rights. We represent clients in both State and Federal Courts.

Our law firm is premised upon the belief that narrowing the focus of a law practice. In our case, criminal defense, employment disputes and litigation are our primary focuses. We work hard to be the best attorneys in these specific areas and constantly aware of changes in those areas of law. This results in our clients receiving superior service and a level of legal competency that may be difficult, if not impossible, for most general practitioners to achieve.

Our law firm is aligned with a growing trend of specialization, especially important in a constantly changing and complex criminal defense, employment law and litigation arena. Our team is committed to providing excellent client care, while pursuing the most efficient and effective means of resolution for each dispute, situation, or case.

Butler Beschen Law PLLC is a top criminal defense law firm. Our office is located in Bellingham, Washington. We service clients in Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties. We accept clients with cases in Federal, Superior, District and Municipal Courts.


Our Attorneys

Robert D. Butler

Robert D. Butler, has been an attorney in Bellingham and Whatcom County for 25 years.  He is both the founder and principal of Butler Beschen Law PLLC where he has focused his practice on criminal defense, employment law and civil …

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Emily C. Beschen

Emily C. Beschen has been an attorney with the firm for the past seven years. She joined the team in 2011 after gaining experience at the Federal Public Defenders Office (2008-2010), Metropolitan Public Defenders (2009-2010), and as a consumer mediator …

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Stephen W. Jackson

Stephen W. Jackson has been an attorney since 2015. He joined the firm after spending four years as a deputy public defender at the Whatcom County Public Defender’s Office. He is licensed to practice law in Washington State. Stephen’s time …

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Our Staff

Samantha Kahabka

Legal Assistant| Samantha has been a part of our team since 2012. She came onboard first as an intern and has grown into a vital part of the office as a legal assistant, and case manager. She provides a wide …

Annalise Csicsery

Legal Assistant| Annalise joined Butler Beschen Law as an intern from WWU during her senior year. At WWU she received her BA in Law, Diversity and Justice with an emphasis in the Fourth Amendment and international human rights. After graduation, …

Lana Reichert

Investigator| We contract with Lana Reichert Agency Principal/Investigator of Skagit County Investigation, LLC. Lana is licensed and bonded with the State of Washington and has been a criminal defense investigator for 24 years.

Ellen Myhre

Bookkeeper| Ellen handles the accounting for the firm. She is responsible for coordinating payment of expenses, monitoring client trust accounts, and ensuring that everything is in order. Summary

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